Declutter your life!

I’m a subscriber to The Everyday Cheapskate published by Mary Hunt.  Don’t let the name fool you.  Mary is a veritable wealth of information.  From recipes to cleaning tips to money tips and product advice.  I’ve been reading her emails for many years now.  There is always something of value in them.

Just the other day, she posted a link to a site called Decluttr,  a place to sell your DVDs, CDs, books, video games and tech stuff (phones and tablets).  A great way to recycle those items you have sitting around unused!

Decluttr is the easiest way to sell your unwanted CDs, DVDs, Games, Books & Tech.

Getting started is easy.  If you’ve got a lot of DVDs that you figure you’ll never watch again – or better yet, have access to them via a streaming service like Roku, Netflix or Amazon Prime, why not make some money off them and reduce the clutter?  You can download their mobile app, and adding your media to your cart is as simple as scanning the barcode on the case.   Once you’ve added the items, they give you the price they will pay, and then email you a shipping label for you to put on your own box.  Shipping is free.  You are not going to get rich off the service, but if you’re like me and don’t want to deal with selling online or at a yard sale, it’s a great idea.

A couple of tips I found – once you add more than 10 or do DVDs, the price seems to go down.  I shipped off 49 DVDs to them the other day and initially I was getting only a bit over $17 for them.  I then split the order up (you need a minimum of $10 in your cart) I was able to get $22 for the same items shipped in two boxes.  I figure higher shipping is cutting into your payback.  I also found that the price changed from order to order, so add a few items and save the order, then try again in another batch.

Once they’ve processed your items, they will pay you by check, PayPal or direct deposit into your bank account. You can also donate your order value to charity should you so desire.